Team Associated B5M Gear Cover, 3 gear
[Kode : 91604]

Team Associated B5M Gear Cover, 3 gear

This is the Team Associated RC10B5M "3 Gear" Gear Cover. The B5M 3-gear transmission provides the spec class racer with a lightweight/low rotating mass option to improve drivetrain efficiency. It also features a smaller, lightweight top shaft which uses smaller diameter 5x10x4mm bearings for additional weight savings. The 3-gear transmission is also a great tuning aid for modified class racing on high-grip tracks because the gyroscopic effect of the motor is reversed, helping the car stay flatter in the corners. 

Needed to Complete: 

  • ASC91602: FT Front Motor Plate, black, 3 gear
  • ASC91603: FT Front Motor Plate, blue, 3 gear
  • ASC91606: FT Aluminum Top Shaft, B5M, 3 gear
  • ASC91607: B5M Gearbox, 3 gear
This part fits the following vehicles:
  • RC10B5M
  • RC10SC5M
  • RC10T5M
This part fits the following other parts:
  • #90002C - B5M to B5MCE Conversion Kit