Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit
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Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit

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Team Associated RC8.2 Factory Team Kit

Silver State 2012 Champion!

ROAR 2011 Champion!

Taking what they learned at the 1:8 World Championship in Pattaya Thailand, the engineers at Team Associated took the RC8.2 to another level and in doing so achieved its ultimate racing potential, which has been proven by winning the 2011 1:8 scale off road R.O.A.R National Championship with a 1-2 finish by Ryan Cavalieri and Ryan Maifield.

The RC8.2 Factory Team kit has a long list of new performance parts, making it the best and lightest Associated 1:8 scale buggy to date. The RC8.2 Factory Team starts with the new Factory Team +3mm 7075 hard anodized chassis. The new chassis and side guards add 3mm of length to optimize weight distribution and overall handling.

To further improve handling, the RC8.2 Factory Team kit received newly designed suspension arms featuring centerline shock mounts and an optimized anti-roll bar position. The new suspension arms were designed to work with the Factory Team 5mm 7075 aluminum low-CG shock towers to improve and optimize the suspension geometry, making the RC8.2 Factory Team kit more plush and forgiving in rougher terrain.

The RC8.2 Factory Team kit includes the 16mm "Big Bore" hard-anodized threaded shocks with 4mm titanium nitride coated shafts and revised shock boots to help increase traction and keep the rubber on the ground. The RC8.2 Factory Team kit also proves to be an exceptional value, including many Factory Team parts that were previously only available as separately purchased upgrades.

Take your 1:8 scale buggy game to the next level with the new RC8.2 Factory Team kit, and drive what the winners drive!

•    Factory Team 3mm lengthened 7075 hard-anodized chassis
•    Newly designed suspension arms feature centerline shock mounts and optimized anti-roll bar position
•    Factory Team 16mm "Big Bore" hard-anodized threaded shocks with 4mm titanium nitride coated shafts
•    Factory Team 5mm 7075 aluminum low-CG shock towers with optimized geometry
•    Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum lower suspension mounts for optimized geometry, light weight
•    Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum steering knuckles
•    Factory Team 7075 aluminum axles and center drives
•    Factory Team 7075 blue aluminum one-piece top plate
•    Factory Team lightweight spur and ring gears
•    Factory Team lightweight diff outdrives
•    Factory Team aluminum steering posts
•    CVA boots on center and rear drive joints
•    Heatsink brake rotors front and rear
•    New low-CG wing mount
•    JConcepts Punisher Body and Illuzion wing included
•    Molded composite radio tray includes optional forward-placement
•    Molded composite front and rear chassis braces
•    Tough steel-alloy shock standoffs
•    Factory Team 83mm "big" wheels included
•    Aluminum clutch shoes
•    4.30:1 ratio gearboxes for maximum punch
•    Caster blocks adjust 14, 16, or 18 degrees with molded inserts
•    3.5mm light CVA drivetrain with full ball bearings
•    Factory Team shock and differential fluids included
•    Mud guards

Vehicle Specifications
Power Source:    Nitro
Terrain:    Off-Road
Body Style:    Buggy
Scale Size:    1:8 Scale
Assembly Level:    Kit*
Length:    473mm (18.62in)
Width:    305mm (12.01in)
Wheelbase:    323mm (12.72in)
Weight:    3408g (7.51 lbs)
Gear Ratio:    4.30
Drive:    4WD
* This vehicle comes as a kit and must be fully assembled by the user. Electronics and/or an engine/motor may be required.

Required to Complete
•    .21 class rear exhaust engine
•    Muffler, joinng pack, or muffler spring (#28045 or #28049 recommended)
•    2-channel radio/transmitter set with switch - FM/PCM/2.4GHz recommended
•    Transmitter batteries
•    4.8-7.4v receiver battery pack: 1) either flat or hump style NiMH battery; 2) either 1600mAh LiPo or  2100mAh LiPo or 1700 LiFe battery recommended
•    Model car fuel (30% nitro recommended)
•    Fuel bottle
•    Glow igniter
•    Starter box
•    1:8 scale buggy tires
•    CA (cyanoacrylic) glue
•    Polycarbonate-specific spray paint or polycarbonate-specific bottled paint and airbrush
•    Thread-locking compound
•    Needle-nose pliers
•    Hobby knife
•    Reamer or hole punch for making holes in body
•    Ride height gauge